25 Best Blogs for Runners & Walkers

As avid walkers and runners, we tend to spend lots of our exercise time alone. Blogs offer glimpses into the lives of others who hit the trail. Here we look at 25 of the best independent blogs about running, walking, power recipes, and more.

Running Blogs

These are general interest blogs for beginning and experienced runners.

1. A Trail Runner’s Blog: Blogger Scott Dunlap has been running trails and training for triathlons since 2001. Follow his tour of races across the US, from the classic Boston Marathon to San Francisco’s costume-friendly Bay to Breakers competition.

2. Dean’s Blog: Dean Karanazes blogs professionally for Runner’s Worldmagazine. His tagline: “Blogging about ultra-running, life, and the human spirit.” This blog includes lots of useful information and musings about upcoming marathons, healthy eating, the natural world, and more.

3. Running Off at the Mouth: “Rants and ruminations from an adventurous mama with a strong urge to run.” Marcia’s style is frank, outgoing, and amusing. Check out her product reviews, investigations of refrigerator contents, giveaways, and other contributions.

4. Runblogger: The thirty-something runner Peter Larson gives training tips, reviews running gear, and shares interesting info from the running world.

5.Coach Jenny Hadfield’s Blog: Coach Jenny Hadfield is an expert runner with a master’s degree in exercise science. She co-authored the best-selling Marathoning for Mortals and regularly contributes to Health Magazine. Some of her blogs are unsubstantial, but check out the “Popular Blog Posts” list on her page for articles about cross-training for runners, staying hydrated, running hills, and more. She also writes on RunnersWorld where she offers great advice and tips on marathon running.

6. A Runner’s Blog: “Watch the highs and lows of running from a middle-of-the-pack perspective.” Some of these posts are ho-hum, but the blogs tagged “inspiration” are worthwhile. Read stories about runners who rescued people with their speediness, running for charity, etcetera.

7. Where’s Karl?: This blog from 2008 documents the writer’s 47-day journey running the 2,175-mile Appalachian Trail.

8. Running while Pregnant: If you have a bun in the oven, you won’t want to miss what other moms are saying about running and pregnancy.

9. The Running Moron: Friendly and self-deprecating Brett writes, “I’m just your regular non-athlete who took up running and, um, ran with it. There are many days when I’m out running in the cold or rain or dark that I ask myself why I’m out running. Then I remember – it’s because I’m a moron!”

10. Old Man Running – Seniors might especially appreciate reading the journal of a running and tweeting 74-year-old man. Some recurring themes include heart rate monitoring, injuries, and marathons.


Science/Health/Recipe Blogs

These blogs cover recipes for runners, the physiology of running, and healthy feet.

11. Go Faster Food: Try the energy-packed, delicious recipes from this food-friendly blog. Apple power pancakes with spiced apple syrup? Nice!

12. On and off the Track: Steve Magness writes in-depth about the science of running. Sample headlines include “The 10,000-Hour Rule and Why Talent and Genes Matter” and “Compression Socks,” which leads an article about the physiology of blood flow and muscle vibrations.

13. Fix Your Feet: Walkers and runners should peruse this site to help protect and repair their feet. Sample posts are “Don’t Do This to Your Feet!” and “What Were You Thinking?”

14. The Hungry Runner: Check in here for a mix of healthful recipes, stretches, and musings about running.

Fundraising through Fitness Blogs

Check out how runners are helping the world through exercise.

15. Martina Crevecoeur at I Run for Food has raffle fundraisers and is committed to donating money for every mile she runs.

16. It’s Not About the Walk: “Walker Girl” blogs about half-marathon training and fund-raising for the blood cancers leukemia, lymphoma and mylenoma.

Music Blogs for Runners

The best running music is both motivational and a distraction when needed. See which songs are fueling other runners.

17.A Bold Pace: The marathon mixes presented here are designed to help runners keep certain paces: 7 minutes per mile, etc. Playlists take each song’s beats per minute into account.

18. The Runners Blog: This page shows the famous OK GO treadmill video plus a recommended playlist for runners.

Walking Blogs

These are general interest blogs for walkers. Race walking, weight loss, and on-foot city tours are among the topics explored.

19. Walking blog on About.com: Host Wendy Bumgardner presents a wide collection of posts covering walking for weight loss, walking with your dog, walking shoes and gear, and more. Some quirky posts include “Funky Smelling Water?” and “Cheating on Your Walking Partner.”

20. Nordic Walking – Claire Walter writes about Nordic walking from her home state of Colorado and around the USA.

21. Race Walking Record: This is the official blog of the Race Walking Record magazine.

22. Walk/Bike CT: “WalkBikeCT is an informational blog devoted to promoting walking and biking as viable transportation options in the state of Connecticut.” This likeable blogger has a great writing style.

23. The Walking Nun: This nun can write! Sample posts include “Weight Watchers,” “Why Runners Usually Make Good Employees,” and “My Social Media Goal.”

24. Walking Off the Big Apple: Whether you live in New York City or are just planning a visit, you’ll appreciate this collection of guides to special walks around Central Park and the city.

25. Walking Berkeley: Check out this page by two sisters, ages 63 and 67, who walked along each of Berkeley’s 1000+ streets.

Treadmill Buyers’ Guide

Owning a treadmill may be your key to losing weight sensibly and improving your cardiovascular fitness. Keeping a treadmill in your home makes exercising more convenient, and it also eliminates the costs associated with maintaining a monthly gym membership.

See Our Video Explanation for the Ultimate Treadmill Buying Guide!


Our treadmill buying guide can help you choose the best treadmill that fits your budget and individualized exercise needs. A number of treadmill features are explained below.


Home treadmill motors generally range from 1.25 horsepower (HP) to 4.0 HP. Many treadmill manufacturers advertise their motors’ power as “continuous horsepower” or CHP. This provides a better idea than does a simple horsepower rating, because it indicates the machine’s capability under conditions of regular use instead of its peak capability. Motors with 1.25 HP are widely considered to be sub-standard and are inadequate for anything but light use by lightweight users. A satisfactory motor for walkers and joggers would have a 1.75 to 2.0 CHP motor. Stronger motors are required for exercisers who run rather than jog or walk. For instance, runners of average weight should seek out at least a 2.5 CHP motor. Since motor capability requirements also increase with user weight, users who weigh more than 225 pounds are advised to purchase treadmills with at least 3.0 CHP motors. Also note that quieter motors are associated with the more expensive treadmill brands. Motors that are advertised as “commercial quality” are usually noticeably quieter than motors intended only for home use. More information on treadmill motors can be found on our site HERE.

Track size

Treadmill tracks vary in size from about 16″ – 22″ wide and 42″ to 63″ long. Track length may not be of great importance to petite walkers, but it’s important to users who are tall and/or who take relatively long strides when running. Most walkers will be satisfied with a 16″ x 50″ track. Tall people and most runners are advised to purchase treadmills that have at least 55″ – long running decks. Track width might be important to larger runners and people who move their arms significantly when running. A standard comfortable track width for runners is 20″.

Treadbelt durability

Treadbelts that are 2-ply or 4-ply are thicker and more durable than those that are one-ply. Thicker treadbelts also tend to be quieter, making it easier to hear entertainment while exercising, as well as reducing distractions to others in your home. The metal rollers that propel a track are also an important treadmill component. Wider rollers help to extend belt life.

Track speed

Treadmills that support top speeds of 10 mph are adequate for most users. Of course, runners who are training for a 5-minute mile will want machines with higher top speeds. Home treadmills that reach 12 mph are available in the mid- and upper-price categories.

Track cushioning

Track cushioning helps to protect treadmill users’ joints from the impact of exercise. Compared with road running, cushioned treadmill running typically reduces impact by about 15%-40%. Cushioning is most important for runners, but it also reduces impact upon walkers’ bodies and thereby helps to improve their stamina. Many treadmills feature adjustable cushioning so that runners can choose their preferred combination of support and cushioning. Furthermore, the more advanced running tracks have differential cushioning that supports the back foot and front foot differently; feet get more support as they push off the track, and they get more cushioning as they land.


Most treadmills tracks can be inclined between 10% and 15%. This helps users to burn calories more efficiently than when they train on a flat surface. Most treadmills include a second small motor that controls the incline, but the most inexpensive portable models require manual adjustment.


Most treadmills are sold with a minimum of 12-15 workout programs already installed. These are usually designed for a variety of exercise goals, such as weight loss training and endurance training. Many treadmills now feature advanced iFit workout programs, which can be continually upgraded, and some offer virtual tours of national parks and monuments with the aid of Google Maps technology.

Extra features

Treadmill features such as console fans, MP3-players, televisions, and virtual personal training assistance can help make exercise more enjoyable. They might be worth the extra investment because they make it more likely that users will attain their exercise goals.


A treadmill manufacturer’s warranties are a good clue about the quality of their machines. Warranties range from limited 90-day warranties to confidence-instilling lifetime warranties.

Weight capacity

Treadmill weight capacities generally range from about 250-400 pounds. Prospective buyers are advised to choose treadmills that can handle at least 50 pounds more than their body weight. This helps to reduce wear on the motor and helps extend the treadmill’s longevity.


Lower-cost treadmills are often portable; they have wheels for easy mobility and can fit into a closet or the back seat of an average car. Furthermore, treadmills along the price continuum can be folded for space-spacing storage. Some treadmills even feature power-assist technology that makes folding them easy on the user’s body. However, prospective buyers should ensure that their portable treadmills are sufficiently stable when fully assembled.

Safety features

Treadmill safety features such as auto-stop are especially important to elderly or infirm users, as well as those who have children in the home.

In conclusion, it’s worthwhile to determine your equipment needs and then choose a home treadmill that offers the best combination of components, features, and warranties that fits your home fitness budget.

So where is a good place to start? Try one of our links below which will help based on three different categories:

  • Treadmill Model Reviews
  • Treadmill Brand Reviews
  • Specific Function and Folding Treadmill Reviews

Sole F63 treadmill best price

Keep Fit with the Best Treadmill Sole F63

The sole F63 treadmills are a perfect companion to your exercises. However, treadmills are not something that people buy every now and then, hence the importance of finding the one that suites your intended needs and at the best price. Sole f63 treadmill best price allows you to keep fit without having to dig deep into your pockets. These treadmills offer a great substitute to outdoors running and jogging. This allows you to keep fit despite of the prevailing weather conditions.

High Quality Features

The sole F63 treadmill is built with great features that make it the preferred indoors exercising equipment for many people. The following are factors that set sole F63 treadmill apart; This treadmill is a product of the great name in producing great home fitness equipments. They are well known for giving longer warrantees. This gives their clients confidence on their products. A longer warrantee tells a consumer that the producer is sure that the product will last long. Therefore as a consumer you are best placed to pick a product from a well established brand name.

Sole f63 treadmill for runners

Invest and never look back

The sole F3 best price is not only friendly to your current budget but also to your long-term financial position. This treadmill is made of quality parts that make it long lasting. Treadmills of the same value in the market do not last as long as it does without you digging into your pockets for repair and maintenance. The quality parts give you a great feeling while you work out.
 It comes with incline control positioned conveniently on the hand rail; this enables you to alter both the speed and inclination angle easily. The positioning of the controls makes sure you do not change your running speed while reaching for them.  Sole F63 treadmill best price does not hinder it from coming with a higher incline angle compared to other models of equal value. It allows you to have an inclination of 15%, whereas other treadmills of the same value in the market allows only up to 12%. This makes the F63 a great companion when you want to include a higher inclination into your keeping fit program.

ProForm Power 995 Treadmill

ProForm Power 995 Treadmill promises revolutionary technology along with a powerful design which combined together, deliver effective results. Not only does it provide compatibility with iFit Live, this particular treadmill also offers workout programs powered by Google Maps. It even features workouts that are personalized and can be downloaded wirelessly to the control panel, every day.

http://treadmillbestprice.org/horizon t101-3

Additionally, the ProForm Power 995 Treadmill comes with Nike and iPod compatibility, allowing you to track your performance and have your music with you while you run. It also includes ProShox Elite 2 cushioning for your comfort along with QuickSpeed and Quick Incline for your convenience. It has the ability to support up to 350 pounds, suggesting that this is a high-quality treadmill. It has a spacious 20 x 60 inches belt and the heart rate monitor is a bonus.

LifeSpan TR 1200i Folding Treadmill

The LifeSpan TR 1200i folding treadmill is sturdy, reliable, and fraught with valuable features that
allow you to walk, jog or run, without any trouble, in your own home. Its design incorporates convenient handlebar control panel that lets you adjust your speed and inclination angles, without having to remove your hands from the handlebars. This makes sure that you can run or jog and simultaneously control your speed, without losing your concentration.http://treadmillbestprice.org/lifespan1200i

LifeSpan TR 1200i Folding Treadmill has other highly attractive features like the multicolored LCD console that keeps track of your time on the treadmill, your pace and distance covered among other things. It supports up to 300 pounds of weight and also offers you a variety of programs ranging from simple weight loss to sports training. It has a large 20 x 56 inches running surface. It has a very easy to handle EZ drop folding system whose frame comes with a lifetime warranty. This makes our first option reliable and easy to use. These are two very important attributes of a folding treadmill.